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Mountain Area FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions, let me know if you have others!

Is Lake Arrowhead a City?

No. Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding areas are unincorporated. In other words, they are towns and not cities. We do not have a mayor or city hall, which means we are under San Bernardino County jurisdiction. 


What are Access Roads?

Access roads are private roads that lead to a property. These can be paved or unpaved, but none are maintained by county. This means that home owners will be responsible for paying the fees to plow or repair damages to the road. Typically, homeowners on the access road will share the cost.


What are Lake Rights?

Lake Arrowhead is a privately owned lake with Arrowhead Lake Association (ALA). In order to access the lake trails, docks, and beaches, you need to be a member. This is only possible by owning a piece of property in the "Arrowhead Woods" area. Once a property is purchased, the homeowner must pay an annual fee. Find the details on the associations website:


Can I Buy a Dock?

In order to buy a dock, you must own property with a structure on the lot in the "Arrowhead Woods" area. There are some very rare instances with older lakefront tracks where the lot does not need to be developed, but they are few and far between. The purchase process is similar to any other escrow and begins with a written offer. However, lenders will not loan on a dock, so all offers must be cash.

*If you cannot afford to purchase a dock, there are opportunities with individual dock owners to rent for a season. 

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